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we know the retail car business

In 1985 Adrian Clancy, a self confessed car fanatic, commenced operations as the "Automotive Beautician Centre". His reknown attention to detail & refusal to accept anything below exceptional quality soon caught the attention of the local car dealerships. Quickly realising a niche opportunity existed in serving the car cleaning and detailing needs of franchised dealerships ABC Detailing has continued to grow to the present day.


Franchises that have entrusted ABC Detailing with their car detailing needs for New, Used and Service vehicles include the brands BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Holden, Ford, Honda, Subaru, Mazda, Peugeot and Toyota to name a few. 


ABC Detailing supply complete in-house detailing solutions for New Vehicles, Used cars & vehicles visiting the service department and allow a Franchised Dealership to concentrate on their core competencies - The Selling and Servicing of Vehicles Profitably.

We supply all the staff - including a highly motivated manager, all the chemical & supplies and all the equipment. The vehicles are cleaned at the dealership, avoiding any logistics and/or stock control challenges. 

  • CSI - We value highly the importance of achieving a consistently high CSI rating for New, Used and Service vehicles and it's intrinsic relation to profitability & sustainability.​

  • COSTS - We know how frustrating extra on-cost's are after a deal is done. With ABC Detailing all cleaning costs are known before you do the deal on a per car basis. No surprises for new equipment, new staff or transport costs. ​

  • HUMAN RESOURCES - We know how much time dealers can spend on hiring/firing car cleaning staff and the associated issues & costs. We also know all about how hard it is to meet those delivery targets when staff are taking sick and annual leave. ABC Detailing takes care of it all. ​

  • END OF MONTH - We know how challenging it can be to find those extra cleaning staff  at end-of-month or for the extra peak periods. ABC Detailing supply as many staff is necessary to get the job done - with no increase in per-car costs!


  • ​To maximise a Franchised Dealership's customer loyalty, service retention & profitability through consistently high CSI ratings.
  • ​To reduce dealership staff  stress and frustration associated with the staffing & costs of detailing vehicles for delivery.

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